Baby Cord Blood - Why is it Vital?

Many medical experts consider cord blood of baby as one of the vital products, whenever they deal with some complicated diseases in patients.

Hence, parents start to invest in this cost effective health based feature for the benefit of their offspring. Considering the benefits to their children particularly, when any of the multiple autoimmune diseases including sickle cell anemia, hemophilia or any other coagulation disorders affect them, cord blood of baby is being collected.

Cord blood of baby need to be collected immediately at the time of delivery and delay should not be made during collection because any delayed collection may interfere with the viability of the stem cells in cord blood. Hence, utmost care needs to be taken to avoid any delay in collection of cord blood. Further, it may take about five to six minutes to collect the cord blood.

Generally cord blood of baby is collected by obstetrician or by midwife with experience in collection. Extreme care needs to be taken whenever the blood collection kit is handled. Both during receipt and dispatch of collection kit containing cord blood, one has to be more cautious in selecting the courier service. This is because of the fact that if the courier agency sends the cord blood of baby in containers without bothering on the suitable temperature factor, then the viability of stem cells becomes more questionable. Hence, medical courier is to be selected for dispatch of cord blood of baby.

Generally the steps quoted in any blood collection kit needs to be meticulously followed for the proper collection of cord blood of baby. Since cord blood of baby contains mainly the immature cells that have the capacity to be regrown into various specific organ-constituents like hepatic structures, brain structures etc., more emphasis is given through out the world on research features pertaining to the cord blood of baby.

There is no harm to either baby or the mother during the collection of cord blood of baby. On payment of nominal fees, the cord blood-banking agency helps to send the cord blood collection kit to the required and expectant mothers, in time. Cord blood of baby needs to be handled carefully without subjecting to any hot conditions to avoid hemolysis.

Many patients with leukemia or cancer may be in need of cord blood of baby, which may be administered as transplant or as routine transfusion in a patient. If not the patient has to wait for suitable donor of bone marrow and this may be a difficult situation because of paucity of donors of blood marrow. Hence, if matching tests reveal favorable results, cord blood of baby is the most suitable therapeutic product for many cancerous patients.