Cord blood and placental blood

Cord blood and placental blood are the important ones through out the world because of the type of special kind of cells encountered by medical scientists, in them.

Peculiarity of this blood is that it contains more important cells that may be re grown into various types of organ components like hepatic structures, brain or cardiac muscle structures.

The special kind of cells present in this blood is termed as stem cells. Now a day, many countries are doing intensified researches in the field of science pertaining to the stem cells of umbilical cord blood and placental blood.

In case of treatment to tumor conditions, often chemotherapy or radiotherapy is being carried out and in such cases, both cancerous tissues and also the healthy tissues get often affected. Hence, patient is in need of some alternate treatment.

These special cells of cord blood and placental blood when given as transfusion or when transplanted into the bone marrow, there are often a stimulation effect at the site of deposit and specifically in the bone marrow regions. As a net result, the cellular pattern reveals a drastic but a preferred change.

Collection of cord blood and placental blood need to be carried out in a systematic manner. Often it may take about five to six minutes for the collection procedure, subsequent to the delivery of the baby. Often the doctor - obstetrician and midwife may attempt to collect the blood from umbilical cord.

The cells of cord blood and placental blood may even be termed as mother cells since they produce red blood cells, white blood cells and cells pertaining to the immune system. Collection of such blood does not harm either the baby or the mother in any cases. Hence, this should always be considered as one of the more valuable materials that are related to the health status of the concerned child.

Cord blood and placental blood are the perfectly matching blood to your offspring and hence investing in banking service pertaining to the cord blood and placental blood is done more intensely by the caring parents. Collection of both the cord blood and placental blood should be done immediately after the delay.

The cord blood and placental blood will not make any interfering effects with the immune system of the body. Hence, even in case of immune mediated disorders, the treatment with this blood will be of immensely useful. Blood collection kits are mainly used to collect this blood and they have to be dispatched by means of medical courier only.