Understanding Cord blood collection kit

Cord blood collection is a gift to the human race where a person can make use of ones own cord blood for emergency such as transplantation etc., or can also have it donated to others.

Cord blood collection kit is one in which the blood from the umbilical cord is collected and stored since it can supply similar blood forming stem cells as is done by a bone marrow donor.

Generally as soon as the baby is delivered the umbilical cord is detached and the placenta which was supplying oxygen and other nutrients to the baby is released and the umbilical cord and the placenta are discarded.

But it was discovered that the cord blood can be stored in cord blood collection kit as it can provide the blood forming stem cells.

The cord blood collection kit will contain a small quantity (few ounces) of blood from the placenta and the umbilical cord which is collected after the umbilical cord is clamped after the child birth. The blood collected in the cord blood collection kit is then processed in the cord blood bank and tested.

Once the cord blood bank receives the blood, it will perform a series of tests to ensure that the cord blood in the collection kit meets some eligibility conditions.

The blood should be of a minimum amount that can be used for transplant and the collected blood unit should not contain infection or other problems.

If found satisfactory, the cord blood in the collection kit will be processed. Later the stem cells will be separated and stored in liquid nitrogen in a freezer. When needed this can either be used for the same person or can be donated to others.

The details of the tissue type of the cord blood will be analyzed and entered in a registry to be used for transplantation with a matching recipient.

The cord blood collection kit is a specific kit which should be ordered and obtained by the parents from the cord blood bank chosen by them. Cord blood is collected in the collection kit soon after delivery in both normal and cesarean deliveries.

The cord blood collected in the collection kit is then taken to the cord blood bank by courier where it is given a number. Cord blood banking is not a procedure adopted compulsorily anywhere.

Parents desirous of having the cord blood collected have to make necessary arrangements before delivery and make sure that the cord blood collection kit is made available.