Cord blood preservation process techniques

Cord blood preservation process is a specialized technique used in many countries as a special means of supplying viable stem cells to the required persons of the family.

The stem cells need to be properly preserved before the transplant in the concerned patients. If the preservation facilities are not ultra modern ones, then the purpose of cord blood preservation process will loose its own value and will not meet the required purposes of preservation. Hence, utmost cautions are to be exercised in order to preserve the umbilical cord collected.

Cord blood preservation process is given additional emphasis subsequent to the cord blood collection from the concerned mother because any mistake in the preservation processes has direct impact in the stem cell based treatment regimen.

Liquid nitrogen freezer facility is the basic facility that is required for cord blood preservation process. However, the preservation facilities need to be monitored so meticulously because of the fact that the continuous level of liquid nitrogen is a must for the maintenance of viability in the stem cells of umbilical cord.

If the liquid nitrogen is not filled up properly in any of the container due to the multiple reasons, the cord blood of the container will not be used for the transplant purposes in the required patients.

The additional infrastructures related with cord blood preservation process comprise generator with powerful battery establishment. Further, the liquid nitrogen level is maintained by some specific agency that is primarily concerned to fill the cryo-containers in laboratories in specific time.

Frequently, the top officials of the agency dealing with umbilical cord blood preservation process will be cross checking the levels in liquid nitrogen freezers and recordings of the level on daily or hourly basis will be again meticulously scrutinized.

Cord blood preservation process usually includes large sized liquid nitrogen containers that are procured from reputed freezer companies. Hence, quality of the service in the preservation process is being maintained at every step, starting from the collection process to the delivery process.

Most of the times, many insurance firms are concerned due to the financial involvement in this. Hence, substantial care is being given to the preservation sectors, through out the world.

Cord blood preservation process is often controlled, automatically by means of remote systems and recordings are carried out regularly on various activities of the preservation centers.

Cryo protected blood bags are used rather than cryo vials to preserve the cord blood. Many insurance related firms may also check up the cord blood preservation process as a check on quality of cord blood.