Cord blood private banks purpose

To meet the requirement of the demand in the cord blood public and private cord blood banks are used.

Cord blood private banks are used by many people to store the cord blood so that the donor can use it in the future when the necessity arises.

The facilities that are available in the cord blood private banks are in par with the public banks. The features available in the cord blood bank are similar to that of the public cord blood banks.

The private cord blood banks charge a fee for the services that are offered whereas the public banks do not charge much in the way of fees.

Most of the services offered in public banks are free of cost. Setting up a private bank for cord blood storage is expensive as it involves the costly technology for storing cord blood at sub zero temperatures.

Deep freezers are used for storing cord blood in the cord blood private bank. Liquid nitrogen is used for storing cord blood at low temperatures.

A cord blood private bank engages another agency to supply liquid nitrogen for them so that they can use it to store the cord blood for later usage.

The charge for storage in a cord blood private bank is costly since the management itself has to meet all the expenses that involve storage of cord blood. Since the expenses for storage are high they charge fees to store cord blood with their bank.

Trained dedicated personnel are involved in work at these private cord blood banks so that prompt and efficient service is provided by them.

Prior approval by associations at the national level for blood banking services have to be obtained for setting up a private cord blood bank.

Collection of blood from the donor is done by these private banks if the donor intimates them prior to delivery. They make arrangements to collect blood. The donor is checked for any disease and then their blood is also diagnosed for any infections before they collect the cord blood for storage.

Vials and blood bags are used for the storage of cord blood in these cord blood private banks. Blood bags are preferred over vials since it is easy to separate the cord cells if they are stored in the blood bags than in the vials.

These private cord blood banks also send you medical kits that can be used to store blood at low temperatures. You have pay fees for storing your cord blood in these private banks.