About Cord blood public bank

A cord blood public bank is a place to store the cord blood so that it can be used in the future when there is a requirement for the blood cells.

These cord blood public banks are used to store the blood cells for a long time. This type of storage is achieved by proper storage at temperatures at the sub-zero levels. It is found that the cord blood cells are an excellent source of stem cells.

These stem cells are required to produce blood cells in our body and hence there is demand for it in case of patients who suffer from anemia and leukemia.

Healthy stem cells are in demand and hence the cord blood public banks check the quality of the cord blood that is stored in them. Diagnosis of the blood is done properly to ensure that the blood that is stored in free from infections.

The cord blood is taken from the baby’s umbilical cord and the procedure to take that blood is very simple. This does not affect the baby. Hence the donor need not worry about donating cord blood to a cord blood public bank.

Treating leukemia and anemia with cord blood cells is found to have excellent results and hence there is a demand for matching cord blood cells for these patients. The first thing the hospital does is to check these cord blood public banks for the availability of the cord blood that suits their patient.

Cord blood public banks provide most of their services without charging anything from the donor. There are private banks available to store the cord blood cells.

But these private charge a fee even for storing the cord blood that is donated by the donor. Cord bloods stored in private banks are used rarely by the public.

The cord blood that is stored in the cord blood public bank can be retained there for up to 10 years without compromising on the quality of the blood that is stored. Within these 10 years the blood that is stored can be used for treating patients with leukemia and anemia.

Details of the cord blood with the tissue matching that type of cord blood are maintained in their records to enable easy retrieval of a particular type of blood that is needed for the transplantation.

Getting cord blood from the umbilical cord of the babies is easier and it is a great source of stem cells. Containers that are cryogenically sealed are used for storing these cord blood that is retrieved from the babies.