About Cord blood stem cell therapy

Stem cell related problems occur in people when the stem cells, which generate the blood cells in a human body, are damaged and tend to generate more or less number of the required blood cells.

This can cause different kinds of problems to people and currently treatment involves removing the stem cells that are damaged and injecting fresh stem cells to the person, which can generate the correct amount of blood cells as required.

Cord blood has been found to be a rich source of stem cells and can be used in therapy and treatment of stem cell related diseases.Cord blood stem cell therapy involves the collection of the cord blood from a willing donor and the blood is stored in special bags.

It is later tested, treated and preserved in special containers that can keep it ready for later use.

Umbilical cord blood from the newly born babies is very rich in stem cells which are immature blood cells that can be made to grow into any type of blood cell like bone marrow cell and so can be captured, stored and later used in case of a need for stem cell therapy or treatment for the child when it grows up.

Since the blood content is very less in the umbilical cord, it by itself may not be sufficient to treat patients with curable blood related afflictions.

But a combination of related and unrelated stem cells collected from the cord blood of babies can help in solving this problem. These kinds of solutions are being researched to overcome the shortage in the amount of cord blood available for use compared to the number of patients waiting for transplants.

It is also being researched that through cord blood stem cell therapy, recovery of patients with blood related afflictions, spinal cord injuries, and neurological disorders are faster compared to traditional methods.

Cord blood stem cell therapy not only works within the family or within siblings but can also be used to treat unrelated patients if the blood types and tissue types match correctly.

Cord blood stem cell therapy can be used and can work on people across all ethnic like Latin Americans, American Africans, Native Americans, and Asians etc.

During the cord blood stem cell therapy, the cells are tested to study their compatibility with the receiver before the blood transplantation will be.

So, it is being encouraged that more and more donors donate the cord blood to public cord blood banks, even if there is no need for their cord blood stem cell usage within the family, since the blood can be store and later use for cell therapy or cell transplantation purposes.