Understanding Cord blood transfusion

Babies with Krabbe disease are found to be the perfect candidates for the cord blood transfusion.

The Krabbe disease could be a history within the family of the baby. Under such circumstances the baby should be diagnosed for the Krabbe disease and cord blood transfusion done at the appropriate time to avoid fatal consequences.

Before performing a cord blood transfusion the blood from the donor that is stored in the blood bank is undergone various tests to find out any problem or infections in the cord blood.

Microbacterial cultures and mycoplasma cultures are done with the cord blood and the concentration of the prothrombin fragments is analyzed.

Cord blood transfusion is safe in the babies if proper tests of the blood are done prior to the cord blood transfusion.Cord blood that is requested from the blood banks can also be safe mostly because they are tested even before they are stored in the blood banks.

You should always remember that charges associated with acquiring blood from the banks are costly.That is why most of the donors store the cord blood in blood banks for private use by their family alone.

Blood collected from the umbilical cord of the infant can be used with the same infant when necessary. Enzyme disorders that are fatal like the Krabbe disease require the cord blood transfusion to make the baby live a normal life with minimal disturbances.

Researches made with auto transfusion of the cord blood have revealed that there were no problems with the babies after the cord blood transfusion.

Extensive researches are done and being done in the University of North Carolina and the Duke University on cord blood transfusion. Studies done on the babies were made immediately after the birth of the babies.

For the case of study some were done cord blood transfusion after the disease symptoms appeared. The procedures that were adopted in the researches included the destruction of the bone marrow with the help of the chemotherapy.

After the bone marrow destruction the cord blood transfusion was done on them. Defects in bone marrow could also have been done with bone marrow transplantation but cord blood transfusion is found to be the effective method.

The advantage of cord blood transfusion over the bone marrow replacement are many and some of them are the deficiencies in enzymes are tackled with immediately.