Cord blood uses and advantages

Cord blood contains the stem cells which serve as the basic building block for the immune system.

The stem cells can transform into other cells that enable normal growth in our body. Hence these stem cells are important for treating certain types of disorders of the blood and metabolic disorders.

Moreover the stem cells are necessary for proper development of the organs of the body and the immune system in our body. People who suffer from blood disorders might find a lot of cord blood uses for treating their disorders. Treating Leukemia and anemia are some of the cord blood uses.

Cord blood finds its use in treating such disorders apart from its uses in treating metabolic disorders in a baby. If you have the cord blood in a blood bank you are assured of its use whenever there is a use of it in the future.

Families which have a history of genetic diseases can store the cord blood in a blood bank so that they can avail the services of that blood bank whenever they need it. Cord blood being an excellent resource for stem cells finds its uses in many treatments.

Storing the cord blood in a bank is just like insurance for the life of the donor and their family. Collecting cord blood is itself a process that has to be done professionally. You might inform the cord blood bank of your intention to bank the cord blood.

They would make arrangements to collect it. Collection of cord blood using the syringe or a bag method is used. The syringe method uses the conventional method of collection. The bag method uses the gravitational force to collect the cord blood in to a bag for storage.

Lots of information on the different collection procedures is available. Using the syringe method the cord blood can also be collected for testing the condition of the growth of the baby even before the delivery.

Storing cord blood in banks may cost you around 1000 dollars and the price may increase depending on the duration of the storage required.

Cord blood finds its uses in treating acute leukemia, chronic leukemia, Stem Cell Disorders, Myeloproliferative Disorders, Lymphoproliferative Disorders, Phagocyte Disorders, and Other Inherited Disorders.

Inherited Platelet Abnormalities, Inherited Metabolic Disorders, Histiocytic Disorders, Erythrocyte Abnormalities, Immune System Disorders, and Plasma Cell Disorders are some of the other disorders that are treated with cord blood.

Many websites provide you information on the cord blood uses. All you have to do is to search for those information in the web.