Cord blood values and transplantation

Just like the normal blood values the cord blood values are also to be taken into consideration before a transfusion or transplantation.

Even before the storage of the cord blood the different values of the composition of the cord blood has to be verified with the normal values so that there is no complication for the patient who is getting the cord blood.

Any abnormal values should be seriously treated and reported to the concerned doctor for further diagnosis and course of action. Any slag in prompt reporting would endanger the life of the patient.

Although matching of the donor and the recipient is not necessary in case of cord blood, it is also considered which enables a perfect treatment. Since the stem cells in the cord blood are in the undeveloped stage they fit in with any of the patient.

Cord blood values like complete blood count, platelet count, hemoglobin levels, hematocrit and bilirubin levels, and glucose levels are checked before it is used for transfusion for any patient. Apart from these values some other parameters are checked in the cord blood.

The blood gases are checked to find out the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the pH levels. Blood culture is also done with the cord blood to find out if there is any infection in the blood. If the blood culture is positive there may the presence of septicemia.

The cord blood that is taken to check these values are usually taken immediately after the birth of the child. Cord blood is taken using the syringe method or the bag method.

The bag method employs the gravitational force to collect the cord blood in a bag whereas the syringe method uses the conventional method of using a needle.

Blood type and the Rh are also necessary for proper cord blood usage. If the pH value of the blood is less than 7.2 the acidity will be predominant in the blood. Such abnormal values should be noted and proper corrective action has to be taken.

Compression of the umbilical cord could also be the reason for such acidic nature. If the pregnant mother has diabetes then it may be indicated in the cord blood glucose values.

The levels of bilirubin in the cord blood are used to identify any liver or kidney disorders. Cord blood is used to reinstate the immune system in our body and hence it is always better to store the cord blood in a blood bank for later usage.

Consider the merits and demerits of any blood bank before using that bank to store your cord blood.