Safe Storage of Cord Blood Cells & Its Uses

It is found that there are many people suffering from Leukemia and Anemia.

Leukemia is a condition in which the patient suffers from excess blood cell production and Anemia is a condition in which the patient suffers from lack of blood cell production. In both these conditions the cord blood cell has to be dealt with.

People with matching cord blood cells can help such patients suffering from Leukemia and Anemia. Cord blood cell from such donors is used in the transplantation of the cord blood cells for the affected people. In a human being it is found that the stem cells in our body are responsible for the production of the required blood cells in our body.

Cord blood is found to be an excellent source of this stem cell and hence cord blood cells are used to replace the stem cells in a human being. The umbilical cord of a baby is found to the excellent source of these stem cells.

If there is no infection in the umbilical cord then blood from the cord is taken and stored for future use. This serves the purpose when there is a need for the replacement of the stem cells in our body. Cord blood cells are taken very easily by just clamping the umbilical cord and then taking out the blood from the cord.

The blood is taken only after diagnosing the blood and the umbilical cord for any possible infections. The blood thus taken in stored in the blood bank in the temperature that is required for proper storage.

The cord blood cells thus taken can be stored in any type of blood bank whether it is private or public. The cord blood cell that is stored in a public blood bank is available for use for the public who are in need of the cord blood cell. In a private bank the cord blood cell that is stored is used primarily for the purpose of the donor and his family.

In case of scarcity for a particular type of cord blood cell it is not easy for the public to get from a private bank without the consent of the donor. Special banks for the purpose of storing cord blood cells are available throughout the world. The cord blood cell bank ensures the quality of the cord blood that is stored in its bank prior to storing it.