How to Send & Receive Cord Blood Collection Kit Safely

Cord blood collection kit is one of the vital gadgets that are more useful during the collection of umbilical cord blood.

Many a times, the willing and expectant mothers before delivery may send emails or some communications by fax etc. to the firm that deals with bank service. Once the communication is promptly received, most of the firms come forward to send the cord blood collection kit.

However, before attempting to send message on need of a cord blood collection kit, you have to ensure certain basic things with the firm. First enquire about the financial outlay of the firm because it is the financial outlay that gains more significance in this field. After narrowing down the firms related to the cord blood and assessing the service levels, go for this request for cord blood collection kit.

One has to know on the mode of receiving of cord blood collection kit. If the blood collection kit is sent by ordinary post or by ordinary courier, the quality of collection kit gets deteriorated many times. Hence, the blood collection kit needs to be sent by medical courier because this helps always to keep up the required temperature needed for maintenance of stem cells in good status.

Make use of reputed agency like Quick International or some standard courier service for the proper sending back of the cord blood collection kit. Both the receiving and sending of cord blood are vital steps since these steps have direct impact on the viability of stem cells.

Medical experts may mostly use the cord blood collection kit. Similarly, experienced midwives also use this blood collection kit. Enrolling with registry of cord blood, one can be of sure to obtain the blood collection kit from umbilical cord. Once the cord blood collection kit is ready, it may take just five to six minutes for collection of cord blood.

Then, start labeling this indicating time and date of collection together with address of persons involved. The blood collection kits without any proper labels are generally discarded. Mother’s blood sample also needs to be sent many a time along with cord blood collection kit.

Hence, as soon as the properly labeled cord blood collection kit is received by the selected agency, an email will be normally sent to the concerned person who made cord blood collection possible. After the sending of the report about the quality of samples from the cord blood collection kit, one may have to make deposit of amount.