Umbilical cord blood cells storage

Umbilical cord blood cells are the blood cells that are collected from the umbilical cord of the baby as soon as the baby is born.

This blood is collected with the consent of the mother of the baby. These umbilical cord blood cells are used in the treatment of anemia and leukemia in patients.

These patients require the replacement of stem cells that are needed for the generation of healthy blood cells in our body.The healthy stem cells produce the right quantity of blood cells that is required for our body.

Sometime the stem cells over produces the blood cells and sometimes it produces less quantity of the blood cells. Such defective stem cells need to be replaced in the patient.

Since the umbilical cord blood cells are found to be an excellent source of stem cells, these umbilical cord blood cells are sought after. There is no harm to the baby or the mother of the baby if the umbilical cord blood is collected from the baby.

Before the collection of the umbilical cord blood cells the blood of the baby is tested for any infections or discrepancies and when it is ensured that it is free from infections, the umbilical cord blood is taken. The cord blood cells are taken in a blood bag or a vial.

Mostly the blood bag is used since it is easy to retrieve the blood cells separately from a blood bag than a vial. People can voluntarily come to donate the umbilical cord blood and it may be very useful for the treatment of leukemia and anemia in patients.

A person who is willing to donate voluntarily should register themselves with the blood bank of their intention to do so. The blood bank would make arrangements to collect the umbilical cord blood cells.

The umbilical cord blood cells can be stored in a public umbilical cord blood bank or a private umbilical cord blood bank. One of the main advantage of storing with a public bank is that most of the services are provided at free of cost to the public.

In a private bank most of the services are charged a fee. Whenever a doctor needs stem cells for his patients he will be approaching these umbilical cord blood banks for the need of his patients.

Matching the stem cell of the patient with that of the donor is essential and important. Private Banks store cord blood cells of the donors and mostly these are used for the patients in the donor’s family.