About umbilical cord blood donation

Diseases that are related to the blood such as leukemia and anemia require the stem cells being replaced so that the fresh stem cells produce good healthy blood cells in our body.

The need for fresh and healthy stem cells is in demand for such transplantations. Encouraging umbilical cord blood donation would help to meet the demand for such cord blood cells. This is one of the main reasons for promoting the umbilical cord blood donation.

Awareness programs to promote the umbilical cord blood donation are also held to meet the demand for such stem cells.

Cord blood is taken from the umbilical cord of the baby. It is found that the stem cells in this blood can be used during the transplantation operation in persons suffering from leukemia and anemia. The umbilical cord blood serves as an excellent source for stem cells.

If more and more people come forward for donation of cord blood that blood would be useful for many patients who require them. Umbilical cord blood donation can be done in a public cord blood bank or a private cord blood bank. Umbilical cord blood donation done in a public bank would be more useful for the general public who require the cord blood cells in the treatment.

The services offered by the public bank are mostly free and hence the people who have the intention of donating umbilical cord blood can approach these public banks. Private Banks serves the purpose of the individual donors and their families and the blood is not used for other persons like the public.

It is found that the patient who are in need of the cord blood cells have problems like excess production of blood cells or lower production of the blood cells. This is an indication of the problem with the stem cells that are responsible for the production of the blood cells in our body. These stem cells have to be replaced in either case and source for such stem cells is the umbilical cord blood.

Hence the doctor treating such patients has to approach the umbilical cord blood bank for such requirements. Under this scenario it is understood that the umbilical cord blood donation is very important for patients suffering from blood diseases.

Umbilical cord blood donation can be done by intimating the concerned blood bank about the intention of the mother to donate the cord blood for that bank. The bank is supposed to make arrangements for the collection of the cord blood.