About Umbilical cord blood transplant

Umbilical cord blood transplant is to be given more emphasis in recent days because of the fact that cellular growth in the specified areas of body gets stimulated by these cells.

Generally, when the routine cells are being transplanted, there may not be any growth of new cells. But in case of umbilical cord blood transplant, there is often stimulation at the site of deposition of such cord blood cells.

Generally for patients suffering from cancerous growths particularly the advanced cases of cancers, the adaptation of chemotherapy or radiotherapy often fail to bring noticeable recovery in the concerned patient.

Hence, the patient is in drastic state to find some alternative treatment regimen suitable to cure his highly painful disease conditions. The umbilical cord blood transplant when used properly helps to stimulate the cellular growths at the transplanted site like the bone marrow.

When the umbilical cord transplant is made at the bone marrow, there is often a welcome change in the cellular pattern. Perhaps, stimulation occurs, causing growths in cells of specific organs or tissues.

The cord blood cells that are transplanted infact help to make these wonderful and welcome changes in the bone marrow.

If the major cells of umbilical cord blood are not properly preserved, then the transplant may not become successful and hence, there should be a meticulous follow up of the procedures related to the preservation.

The cells prepared for transplant should never be subjected to any hot conditions and this may happen some times if dispatching of umbilical cord blood is made in improper methods without due consideration to the temperature factor of the container, through a less reputed courier agency.

In such conditions, the medical experts may fail in their therapeutic approach of ailing person despite the sincere attempts with umbilical cord blood transplant.

The umbilical cord blood transplant often has the advantage of absence of severe graft-versus-host disease but in case of bone marrow transplant, the attack of bone marrow cells against organs will be occurring at a larger level, thus affecting the efficiency of various organs in body.

Hence, if proper transplants are made with umbilical cord blood, there are more chances of recovery form cancer etc. Umbilical cord blood transplant has some specific merits when compared with bone marrow transplants. Cytomegalovirus infections affecting this umbilical cord blood are rare unlike the case with bone marrow transplants.

In case of Gunther's disease, different kinds of leukemia including chronic myelogenous leukemia and acute myelocytic leukemia etc, this umbilical cord blood transplant will be of immensely helpful.