Why Cord blood freezing is important?

Cord blood is the blood collected from the umbilical cord and the placenta immediately after child birth.

This cord blood collected is then stored in the freezing temperatures to be used in future. The blood contains stem cells which have very high natural healing power. These cells are unique to a particular baby and its family. The stem cells can be stored and used in case of necessity either by the same person or they can be donated to others.

The parents interested in donating their baby’s child birth, should arrange to have the cord blood collected and stored in the cord blood bank of their choice. The blood is collected in cord blood collection kit and sent for testing.

After testing the blood is stored in frozen state with great care by skilled and experienced technicians. Cord blood freezing is done in liquid nitrogen in specialized sterilized containers. Each set of cord blood contains a three dimensional freezing bag with two compartments and a tubing lead ending in a spike.

The cord blood freezing bag is designed in such a way that the freezing rate assures maximum cell viability. The cord blood freezing bag design is such that the bag does not break in any circumstance.

Cord blood freezing and testing involves a very complex procedure. It can be performed by skilled technicians with much experience. Actually during cord blood freezing procedures, the frozen cells expand and become bigger.

This can sometimes cause the cell lining or membrane to rupture. Therefore during cord blood freezing care should be taken to protect the cells from freezing quickly. There are cryo-protectant chemicals available which when added to the cells enables slow freezing.

Cord blood freezing process is usually monitored very closely by skilled people to ensure that the cells are not quickly frozen and that there no water crystals are formed within them. The fact that skilled and experienced technicians are required for cord blood freezing makes the process little costlier.Further cord blood freezing involves placing the cells in liquid nitrogen as there is 80% of nitrogen in the atmosphere.

The cord blood freezing is done with nitrogen at 320 degrees Fahrenheit.The cord blood freezing process should be very closely monitored to ensure proper functioning of the freezers. The specimens stored also get security protection as the cryo-cells split the samples and they are preserved in two separate states.