Cord blood storing - why?

Cord blood storing gains its importance as the demand for the cord blood in on the increase nowadays. More number of patients is having requirements of cord blood so that their stem cells can be replaced.

This replacement is necessary to cure the blood diseases the cause increased production of blood cells or a decrease in the production of the blood cells. Both these phenomenon are dangerous to the patient. Such patients come for transplantation of the stem cells.

Where to go for these stem cells? Cord blood storing that is done by the umbilical cord blood cell bank comes to the rescue of such patients. Cord blood storing is done under specialized environments. The temperature at which the cord blood cells are stored is important for using the cord blood.

Cord blood storing can be done with a public bank or a private bank meant for that purpose. The cord blood that is stored can be used anytime within the next 10 years after storing it in a cord blood bank.

Cord blood that is stored in the cord blood bank is tested for any infections in the blood before they are stored. Sealed containers that are used for storing the cord blood using the cryogenic technology to store them at low temperatures.

The donor who is willing to donate the cord blood is subjected to a series of diagnostics that confirm that the cord blood that is taken from them is free from any infections or diseases.

Only after that process the cord blood is used for storing in a blood bank meant for that purpose.

The cord blood that is stored in a public bank is available for use for the public who suffer from leukemia and anemia whereas the cord blood that is stored in private banks are not available to the public. The umbilical cord blood that is stored in a private bank is used primarily for the purpose of the donor or the donor’s family.

During cord blood storing some chemicals are added to the blood so that it is not spoiled for many years. These chemicals are added to prevent any damage to the cord cells that might happen at low temperatures in which they are stored.

Researches are going on to extend the life of the cord blood during storage so that they can be used after many years. Moreover researches are also under way to increase the count of the stem cells that are stored in a unit of cord blood.