Understanding Key Cord Blood Facts

The blood collected from the umbilical cord and placenta soon after delivery is called cord blood.

One of the important cord blood facts is that this blood can be collected, stored for a long time and used in case of necessity.

Cord blood facts provide information about cord stem cells to rule out the misinformation, myth and misconception about cord blood banking and to enable people to make a good decision.
Cord blood facts convey that the cord blood contains stem cells that are similar to the cells donated by a bone marrow donor.

The stem cells contain natural healing power and are used to cure many diseases. Stem cells are unique to a particular child and to their family. The blood remaining in the umbilical cord and placenta soon after delivery is usually thrown away.

Recent discoveries have found out that this blood can be collected and stored in cord blood banks. The stored blood can be used whenever needed or can also be donated. The process of collecting is very simple and it does not pose any risk to the mother or child.

Another one of the cord blood facts that differentiates it from bone marrow as a source of stem cells is that cord blood is stored in frozen liquid nitrogen for long periods of up to ten years and hence is readily available at times of need.

Cord blood can be used to cure many diseases including life threatening ones. Researches are going on to see that in future the cord blood can be used to cure even Alzheimer’s diseases. Another simple and surprising one of the cord blood facts is that cord blood can also be donated to be used for an unrelated person.

There are donor cord blood banks which will guide the interested persons giving needed information and taking care of the required procedure. One need not pay any amount for donating cord blood.

In case parents want to store the collected cord blood for their own family alone it can be made possible for a specified fee. There are several such banks with the provision of collecting and storing the cord blood for private use.

Cord blood facts can be collected from several sources. One of the most easy and abundant source of Cord blood facts is the internet. There are several websites giving valuable information about the cord blood banking and cord blood donation.

This facility can be well utilized by parents who desire to donate their child’s cord blood. They should also ensure that they consult their doctors and also verify the cord blood facts before deciding to have it collected and stored for the future.