Analyzing Different Cord Blood Options

Problems related to Stem cells affect people in serious ways, as stem cells are the primary source of blood cells in our bodies.

Stem cell related problems can cause production of more or less blood cells in a body and can lead to various kinds of disorders.

Stem cell transplant it the best way to cure such cases in a complete manner. In a human body, stem cells are found in different organs like bone marrows, hair follicles, muscles etc. But bone marrow has been the best known source of stem cells for a stem cell transplant.

Currently, bone marrow donations are increasing in number, but still there is a big gap between the demand and supply. Many stem cell patients have to undergo a long and agonizing wait for a matching bone marrow for transplant.

Cord blood has been found to contain many immature stem cells similar to bone marrow, which will be able to grow into any type of blood cells.

This cord blood can be stored for many years and can be used during the adulthood of the same person, or it can even be used to cure diseases for related or unrelated patients.

Cord blood related research is going on to find out the many options and cures that can be possible with a baby’s cord blood. For persons who decide to store their cord blood, multiple options are available.

There are many public and private cord blood banks that provide options for storing, preserving, retrieving the cord blood. Some private cord blood banks even provide options to reserve ones cord blood for private use. Normally Cord blood banks provide these kinds of options for a substantial fee.

But if a family has a stem cell related disease or if the probability of the child or someone in the family getting a stem cell related disease and hence the need for cord blood if high, some public banks and even insurance companies provide options to store and reserve the cord blood within the family’s use for free.

Cord blood thus provides some very good options for people affected by stem cell related diseases or disorders. Going forward, cord blood related research is expected to discover lot more options for using cord blood to treat many diseases as well as to increase the storage time and find out new ways of increasing the stem cells content in cord bloods.