About Cord blood private storage

Private storage of cord blood is the mostly encountered one during searching of cord blood storage or banking facilities in any country.

However, one has to ensure that the concerned agency dealing with such private storage of cord blood has obtained due recognitions from the concerned association at national level pertaining to the blood banking services.

Such kinds of agencies with facilities for private storage of cord blood will be much sought ones by many persons because of the huge expenditure involved in the maintenance of such facilities.

Hence, persons willing to avail the cord blood-private storage facilities have to look into the financial outlay of such agency and then narrow down the list of such agencies. Side by side, assess the service levels and the related expenditures required for availing cord blood-private storage facilities.

Private storage of cord blood often associates with investment of huge amount, in order to procure many deep freezers in the center.

Liquid nitrogen has to be filled routinely in such deep freezers periodically and for this the private agency again engages another firm to offer the prompt supply of this liquid nitrogen, which helps to maintain the temperature of minus 196 degree Celsius inside the containers.

Further, most of the private agencies dealing with cord blood engage dedicated personnel with sizable amount of salary. Hence, the works carried out in the private storage centers become satisfactory in terms of quality, often.

However, most of the insurance firms associated with private storage-centers of cord blood have monitoring activities on the conditions of these agencies dealing with private storage of cord blood, in terms of quality. The cord blood containing blood bags need to be kept in the submerged state in liquid nitrogen of the deep freezer.

The private storage of cord blood insists always-immediate collection of blood as soon as the delivery happens. About five to ten minutes are being taken for the collection procedures as quoted on the blood bags, supplied by agencies dealing with private storage of cord blood.

Private storage of cord blood often associates with usage of blood bags rather than the vials. This is because of the fact that separation of cells is easier in blood bags than in case of vials.

Private storage of cord blood often makes persons to pay the upfront fees, initially to send blood collection kit by medical courier that has facility to maintain proper temperature for storage of cord blood. Subsequently, payment of fees for availing of private storage facilities of cord blood is insisted.