Cord blood usage & benefits

Cord blood usages are many and the usages are mostly life saving for the patient who is using it.

Looking towards the public and the private bank for the cord blood requirement may not be fruitful all the time.
Families which have history of inherited diseases can store the cord blood in a private bank and get that cord blood when there is a need for it.

Cord blood finds its usage in such treatments because it has the basic building block of the immune system called the stem cells.

These stem cells are necessary for the production of the blood cells in our body. The stem cells in the cord blood are undeveloped and hence they can be used in the development of any organ in the body and these stem cells are not rejected by the immune system in our body.

Cord blood’s usage is in the treatment of many disorders like Plasma Cell Disorders and Immune System Disorders. Kostmann syndrome, Digeorge syndrome, bare lymphocyte syndrome, severe combine immunodeficiency, absence of t-cells are some of the immune system disorders that finds cord blood usage.

Inherited metabolic disorders like mucolipidosis, Krabbe disease, wolman disease, morquio syndrome, hunter’s syndrome, and hurler’s syndrome are some of the disorders that also have cord blood usage.

To have a bigger picture we find that cord blood usages are in the treatment of Platelet Abnormalities, Phagocyte Disorders, Stem Cell Disorders, Lymphoproliferative Disorders, and different types of leukemia.

You can consult your doctor for the different cord blood usage and he might be able to give you a clear picture of the different cord blood usage. You can also consult a doctor if your family has any history of genetic diseases.

In such cases you might be required to store the cord blood in a bank of your choice so that you retrieve it for treatment in later part of your life. Although storing cord blood is costly, it worthwhile while considering the risks that you will face without it.

The bank in which you are going to store the cord blood should have proper accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks. If it is not so it is not advisable to store your cord blood in such banks.

The company’s background has also to be analyzed before you decide to store the cord blood in it since they have to be committed for a long term relationship.